The Importance of Wheel Balancing

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Feeling a vibration while driving down the highway is disconcerting. It’s also a sign you may need wheel balancing. When new tires are put on your car, they are aligned and balanced. However, it’s not just a one-time service. Wheel balancing is a vital part of your car’s performance, and proper balancing can also extend the life of your tires. Tires become unbalanced for many different reasons. One reason is daily wear and tire. Driving to work every morning can undo your wheel balancing because tires and wheels do not distribute weight the same as one another due to normal manufacturing processes. Since some spots weigh more, a slight weight difference can lead to a vibration.  

The Importance of Wheel Balancing

Some other signs you need wheel balancing are:

  • Getting poor gas mileage.
  • Uneven or faster tread wear.
  • Uncomfortable ride.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel, floorboards, or seats.

Tires are rebalanced by attaching them to a machine to check for unbalanced spots. Next, our technicians work with the balancing machine to check tire vibration. The vibration lets us know where it may be lighter or heavier and where to add weights to make it even. The wheel usually stays attached while it is rebalanced. But, sometimes, the wheel must come off so our technicians can rebalance it properly. The perfect time for wheel balancing is when you get your tires rotated. Your tires come off for rotation, so it makes sense for the two services to go hand in hand. Our technicians here at Modern Mobile Tire MMT are ready to help you with all your tire needs.