Looking to Buy Tires? Know Your Tire Types

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When you need to buy tires, you may find yourself wondering exactly what type of tires you need. While there are many name brand tires on the market, the brand isn’t all there is to choosing tires for your vehicle. Here are some of the most common tire types you should know about when you go to buy tires:

  • All-Season – All season tires are suitable for most vehicles, as the treads are designed to be able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, as well as wet conditions. All-season tires can even handle light snow, meaning they are ideal for most drivers in North Carolina.

Looking to Buy Tires? Know Your Tire Types

  • Summer Tires – Summer tires are similar to all-season tires, but with a few important differences. You might want to buy tires that are specific for the summer season if you drive a high-performance vehicle and want to improve traction during the warm, wet summer months.
  • Winter Tires – Winter tires are designed to be used in more extreme winter conditions like heavy snow and ice. The treads on these tires are wider to offer more stability and traction when driving in winter precipitation.
  • Other Tire Types – Depending on your circumstances, you can also buy tires for custom rides, such as off-roading. You’ll want to talk with a tire professional about your custom tire requirements.

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