How Long Does a Tire Change Take?

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Not having your car for a couple of hours can be frustrating. Everyone has packed schedules with things to do and places to go. But driving on unsafe tires can put an even bigger hitch in your day, so it’s best not to put off a tire change, especially if you have low tire tread. Usually, changing a tire takes about 15-20 minutes per tire on average. But it depends on where you get it done and how many cars are ahead of you. Choosing a professional will get you done and back on the road faster. A professional tire change for all four tires will take 30- 40 minutes, getting you back on the road in an hour or so. A tire change isn’t as simple as swapping one tire for another.

How Long Does a Tire Change Take?

Here’s what happens when you bring your car in.

  • The car is lifted off the ground with a hydraulic lift for easy access.
  • The lug nuts are removed from all four tires with an impact torque wrench.
  • New tires are balanced and secured to the vehicle. The lug nuts are tightened in a star pattern.
  • Once the car is back on the ground, the nuts are torqued to ensure they are completely secure.

Getting new tires is also the perfect time to get a wheel alignment. If your tires are misaligned, they will not wear evenly, and no one wants their brand-new tires to wear out too soon. Having aligned tires will also make travel safer on the roadways, getting you where you need to be.