Four Indicators It’s Time for New Tires

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If you needed new tires, would you know how to tell? Many drivers don’t think about their tires and how important they are for safe driving. Worn out tires can significantly impact your safety on the road, gas mileage, and the way your car feels as you go down the road. You’ll want to pay attention to these indicators that it might be time for a new set:

1.  Rubber Damage – Cracks, bulges, or blisters in the rubber are all indicators that it is time for new tires. While the causes of these things can be from different issues, the most important thing is recognizing the damage early and making a call to your local tire company.

Four Indicators It’s Time for New Tires

2.  Tread Wear – Tread wear is one of the most important ways to determine if you need new tires, but it can often be overlooked. New tires have a thick tread with ridges and grooves that help your car grip the road. When these become worn down, you’ll notice you don’t have as much control in wet weather conditions. You can check the tread to see if it is visibly flat where it should be raised or use a coin from your pocket change to determine the extent of the tread wear.

3.  Number of Miles – Most drivers only put about 15,000 miles on their car each year, and often less. That means new tires last anywhere from 3 to 5 years before they need to be replaced (assuming they haven’t sustained any damage). If your car has added between 45,000 and 60,000 miles in the past few years, it’s probably time to have your tires replaced.

4.  Vibrations While Driving – If you’ve ever experienced disconcerting vibrations while you drive down the road, it could be your tires! Worn tires can cause misalignment of the axle and steering column, making it more difficult to control the wheel or leading to a bumpy ride. If you are experiencing vibrations while driving, you’ll want to check with your tire professional about new tires.

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